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General Pediatric Chiropractic Care

3 Year Old "Sabella" Getting Adjusted

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Recurring Ear Infections in a Child

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Food Sensitivity Testing - Functional Medicine

Food Sensitivity Testing - Functional Medicine

Food Sensitivity Testing - Functional Medicine

Food Sensitivity Testing - Very Detailed

Misalignment of the structure holding the brain stem

❝Last week I was experiencing dizziness when laying down in bed at night. It occurred two days in a row and both times it seemed to me as the room was spinning as I was staring at the ceiling. I visited Dr. Nathans and initially he thought it may be due to high pollen count in the current environment, but then he examined by neck and concluded my symptoms were a result of the misalignment of the structure holding the brain stem. He performed an adjustment on my neck area using a special device and since then I have not had any dizziness at all. I am truly thankful to Dr. Nathans and suggest anyone with similar issues to promptly visit him.❞
User Khan

Walking was so painful & I couldn't exercise

❝I've had pain in my back and hip since I was around 8 years old, and I am 31 now. I tried almost everything and was in a place where I was starting to give up. Walking was so painful and I could not exercise. I had a permanent limp. The last doctor I saw told me my only option was to go on pain management. I did not want to do that, so I just dealt with the pain.
I initially went to Dr. Nathan's practice to get a massage and Dr. Nathan's approached me while I was waiting and asked me what my issues were. He suggested that I make an appointment to see if he could help. I got my nerve scan and XRays before my massage and they showed some serious issues. His assistant Karen told me to see him. She gave me a hug and told me that they needed to help me. The entire staff is just amazing. Jackie at the front desk makes you feel so welcomed every time you walk in.
Deciding to treat with Dr. Nathans was the best thing that I have ever done. He has changed my life. He really cares about wanting people to get better and to find the root cause of your pain. He doesn't just care about adjusting you, he cares about your overall health. He's a healer. Dr. Nathan's has not only helped with my pain but with my hormones and diet too!
I am in such a better place in so many ways and I feel like a different person. I don't limp anymore, I work out everyday, I eat better, I'm happier. I will never be cured, but at least I can live my life without being debilitated.

Tiffany Gerken

My First Adjustment Was Life Changing

❝Dr. Alan Nathans is the first chiropractor I ever went to. My mother had negative experiences with other chiropractors in the past, so I was very skeptical and nervous at first. But I've been battling lower back pain since college after years of carrying drums in the marching band. I felt I had to give it a shot.

I immediately began to feel more comfortable when Dr. Nathans sat down and talked with me before making any adjustments. This is the kind of experience many people seek. They'd rather their doctor sit down and get to know them personally before performing any sort of procedure. Dr. Nathans ran some preliminary tests and talked with me about my back pain. He then told me what he believes would be the best form of treatment and why.

My first adjustment was an actual life-changing experience. My trepidation soon turned to astonishment when I realized that my neck actually felt better within a few minutes of my first adjustment. I finally wasn't taking someone else's word that he can help....I experienced it.

The massage therapists who work for Dr. Nathans are nothing short of fantastic. They don't give you the typical massage. They find the weakest areas and work on them gradually. These took a few visits to get used to because they're more intense massages than I was used to, but I started to notice my back loosening up after a few weeks.

I've known Dr. Nathans for over a year now. I've seen how he works. I believe he really cares about his patients. He talks to them with respect. He remembers their concerns. And he seems genuinely happy to be helping. My recommendation to anyone thinking about going to a chiropractor in Jacksonville is this: give Dr. Nathans a chance.❞

Gene Wexler

He Had 25 Ear Infections

❝We could write a book about how much Dr. Nathans has changed our lives for the better. He is a remarkable doctor who loves the Lord, and truly cares about you as a person. Our entire family goes to Dr. Nathans even our 3 sons who are 7,2, and 1. Our 7 year old son Skyler was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, when he was 5 years old. He was not speaking very well, he had 25 ear infections from ages 3-5, and also had digestion and GI issues that required hospital visits due to blockages. We were referred to Dr. Nathans by our pediatrician several times, and I honestly balked at the idea of going to a chiropractor especially for my children. I believed in Chiropractic and had been to one before, but for my kids I wasn't so sure. Well, I could not have been more wrong, this is where we needed to be, all of us. Dr. Nathans personally took the time with Sky, he was able to take X-rays to make more precise adjustments. Since we have been seeing Dr Nathans for over a year, Sky is speaking in full sentences and also not repeating things over and over, he also has had ZERO ear infection or digestion issues. There have been times that we have needed him after his hours as an emergency and he was available for advice or even coming to his office to put our 2 year olds shoulder back in socket. If the boys have any ailment they ask to go see Dr Nathans, and believe that he can fix them. He means the world to us, and has honestly done so many things I could go on and on. The whole office is a family atmosphere, and a wonderful experience.❞
Jake Miller

Chiropractic Adjustments Helped Me With Parkinson's Diagnosis

❝When i first came to Dr Nathans it was for my Mother in law ,not for me as "I had no pains to speak of", but I do suffer from Parkinsons . Muscle rigidity is part of the disease so I accepted that....Well I decided what the heck, I"m here. I could not drive more than a couple of hours without my neck locking up. Now I have no stiffness in my neck. After each back adjustment I feel this release of energy. I also have full rotation of my neck also. No miracles here...It just works !
Just think,you have nothing to lose BUT EVERYTHING to Gain...
I am a believer !!!❞

Wade Andrews

He pours himself into his gift of helping others and we are blessed because of h

❝My family and I have been coming here for the past 2 years because Dr. Nathans knows what he's doing!

My son had difficulty just walking 1x around the school track without experiencing neck and back pain. Dr. Nathans is the only health professional who asked if he could pray with us over our son's treatment (wow)! After Dr. Nathans adjusted my son's atlas, you could IMMEDIATELY feel the difference in his neck muscles and see him walking better! The next day, my son was able to walk 3x around the school track!

He takes away the pain my wife experiences in her back and rib cage when she carries bags that are too heavy (you know women and their purses). And he brings relief to my lower back when it feels like 2 rusty metal plates grinding against each other.

Dr. Nathans truly cares about each of his patients as happy and healthy individuals. He pours himself into his gift of helping others and we are blessed because of him.❞

Rob Mendez

She asked me in a very sad voice why can't I run like my friends?

❝Our daughter, Elliana, is six years old. She had started complaining of her hip and legs hurting when she ran for PE. One day she asked my in a very sad voice why she couldn't run like her other friends. Of course this upset us. I realized quickly it wasn't just a tired kiddo not feeling up to PE play. To see your child want to
Succeed but not have the means to you want to do all you can as a parent to set them up for success.
We went the suggestion of both our pediatrician as well as friends and took her to Nathans Family Chiropractic.
He did minimal X-rays that were at a radiation level appropriate for a child her age as well as a thermo Scan to get the info he needed to treat her and get her started on a healthier path for living.
I won't lie, prior to our visit we were reluctant. We had lots of information on about the importance of a healthy spine but neither my husband or self had ever had much chiropractic care as adults much less as children.
We have been blessed at every turn by Dr. Nathans and his incredible staff. After her very first adjustment we left so full of hope. Elli announced proudly in the car that she couldn't wait to see her Coach at school and let her know her legs were straight and new now so she could run better. What a boost of self confidence. It made my mama heart smile.
After only six weeks of meeting with Dr. Nathans we had another thermo scan to see where we stood. So much had improved. I wasn't worried with what his scan showed though because what mattered more what the quality of life that had improved for our sweet girl.
A specific story I'd like to share is about our most recent race. You see last year we decided we would start doing at least one mile fun run a year as a family to support a great cause and move our bodies together as a family. Last fall we chose a Superhero run for a special needs academy. It was fun and we finished but it was a lot of work to get her to the finish line. She stopped a lot, mostly walking and only doing shorts sprints of running. Well this year we completed a run called the Cake Walk. I had already set my mind we would be walking most of it based on her last race. Well that wasn't how it ended up. This girl took off running when it started and only slowed to a walk several times to catch her breathe. No stopping bc of hip or leg pain but only because she got winded. She crossed the finish line in 10:28. We couldn't be prouder of her determination.
In addition she also participated at a better level in her school fun run, completing 14 laps most of which she also ran with much more ease than the two years prior.
Thank you Dr. Nathans and your mind and friendly staff for all you've done to help our Elliana! From the receiving our first returned call, to first visit, to treatment plan, to carried out plan, and follow up we have never questioned your desire to see her healed and have the healthiest future possible for her spine.
We are thrilled with how much she has improved and are excited to see continued success with her additional adjustments❞

Catherine Picton

My back feels great!

❝Dr Nathans and his entire staff are excellent! We recently moved into the area and had not had an adjustment for months and my back was killing me. I was diagnosed, given stretch therapy and adjustments immediately. After just 4 visits, my back feels great! I'm on a regular schedule now! I highly recommend Dr. Nathans and his super friendly staff!❞
Steve Burns

I feel like a new person!

❝Dr. Nathans and his staff are wonderful. I am a 27 year old with a newborn at home. I have always had some back pain but not enough to do anything about it. After having my little one my back continued to get worse and after asking around I decided to visit Dr. Nathans office. After just 2 weeks of working with him I feel like a new person. My back pain had dramatically decreased, its so much easier for me to exercise and I have more energy, my posture has greatly improved and I am sleeping better at night. I cannot say enough great things about everyone at Dr. Nathans office. The front desk staff, the masseuses, the trainer and Dr. Nathans are all such a pleasure to work with. I will continue to visit his office and recommend it to anyone looking for chiropractic care. ❞
Jennifer Hendry

He took care of me after a serious car accident!

❝I have been a patient of Dr. Nathans for over ten years. He took care of me after a serious car accident where I broke over 13 bones. He is kind, caring, smart physician. He treats seven of us in my immediate family. I have heard nothing but great things from each patient. And if one of my family members had a serious problem, Dr. Nathans has come to the office on the weekend or after hours to treat them. I recommend Dr. Nathans to everyone I know.❞
Mary Fisher

In just 5 months I have lost over 100 lbs!

❝It doesn't get any better than Dr. Alan Nathans! I am participating in Dr. Nathan's Restore Your Health program. For many years I have yoyo dieted trying to lose weight with failure after failure. My health declined to such a point that I would have been dead if I had continued on the path I was on much longer. Dr. Nathans taught me the importance of eating healthy. He provided me with a diet that fit my metabolic type, one I could even enjoy! In just 5 months I have lost over 100 lbs., cut my diabetes medicine to a bare minimum, and got my blood pressure in control. My primary care physician is thrilled with my results and told me, "Whatever you're doing, keep doing it because it's working!" I feel better than I have in many years. Dr. Nathan's staff is always friendly and caring. Dr. Nathans cares very deeply for his patient's total wellbeing. I believe God sent Dr. Nathans into my life to set me on the right pathway to great health. Thank you so much Dr. Nathans!!!❞
Donna Garland

He fixed what was wrong in a few visits!

❝I've been going to see Dr. Nathans for a little over 2 years now. He and his staff provide excellent customer service and are very attentive to my needs. He fixed what was wrong in a few visits, and recommended me to come back once a month to maintain alignment in stead of coming in "when it hurts" as a preventive measure for my general health. What he said made a lot of sense to me and was glad to hear that they accept my insurance as well as others. His practice is also a Christian based one and the mood in the office is very uplifting. I'm happy to go there!❞
Zac Holzapfel

Enjoy the best chiropractor in JAX!

❝Great staff. Excellent chiropractor. Concern and health always a priority. Enjoy the best chiropractor in JAX!

Posted By A Google User

It has changed my entire life!

❝I cannot say enough about Dr. Nathans and his staff. I am 30 and for over 10 years I've dealt with lower back pain. Lately it developed into neck pain. For years I had been told not to go to chiropractic. But after weighing my options, realizing that nothing else had worked, and on the verge of deciding to get a cortisone injection into my hip, somebody recommended Dr. Nathans to me. It felt right and I went! It has changed my entire life. Not only did they find the real root cause of my pain, but they were able to quickly take it away. Lower back pain, sciatic pain, neck pain, jaw stiffness, low energy levels, migraines… all but gone now. The adjustments, including my atlas, have allowed my body to walk tall again. I've also noticed that my immune system is stronger as I stay healthy while others around me fall ill to colds constantly. I recommend Dr. Nathans to literally everyone I speak to. Go now!❞
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I always feel better!

❝I have been a patient of Dr. Nathans for 3 years, since coming to Jacksonville in fact. I have always found him and his staff to be very kind and caring. Sometimes I don't even make an appointment, which I should, I just show up but they fit me in because they CARE that I feel bad and I always feel better when I leave. I have found the pricing to be comparable and if you don't have insurance coverage the pricing plans are a good idea.❞
Posted By A Google User

I literally could feel the difference immediately!

❝Dr. Nathans Chiropractic has the most comprehensive new patient experience leading to the best chiropractic care I've ever had! I have been a believer in chiropractic care and have been a patient of more than a dozen different chiropractors over the past 35+ years. Dr. Nathans and his team are the BEST! The tools and techniques used to identify the root cause of my pain and ailments, and then the following focused adjustments and treatment plans have been nothing short of astounding. I was amazed after my first adjustment visit that I literally could feel the difference immediately afterwards. If you are considering chiropractic either for the first time, or are new to the area and in need of a new provider - I would highly recommend Dr. Nathans!❞
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I am well on my path to being pain free again!

❝I recently started to see Dr Nathan and Doug because I was having chronic lower back pain doing anything physical. I have always considered myself healthy so knew I could not go on in this pain. It is a few weeks into the treatment now and between my atlas being repositioned by Dr Nathan and re-aligning my hip correctly by Doug, I am well on my path to being pain free again. Thanks again for your efforts!❞
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❝I recently injured my shoulder/neck and after seeing my primary physician and receiving both a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory, I was not getting any better. In fact, I was getting worse. I reached the point where I had constant pain. A friend of mine is seeing Dr. Nathans and she recommended I give the office a call. THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! Not only has my neck and shoulder improved but, I was able to learn of other issues I was having that I was not even aware of. I always had random back pain and just thought it was a part of life but, it is something you can address. I have started a regular routine of care to work on the areas that have been identified for me and I feel better than I have in a long time. Everyone should know that medications are not always the answer…Thank you Dr. Nathans! See you later this week!❞
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I have been able to start exercise routine!

❝I have suffered from low back pain for over 2 years. It has kept me from exercising. I couldn't do 3 sit ups without my back seizing. I have been seeing Dr. Nathans for a few months now and am happy to report that I have been able to start back into an exercise routine that includes running, and yes, an abdominal workout. I am taking it slowly, but the fact that I can do any abdominal work at all is amazing. I can't thank Dr. Nathans enough for getting me back on track. My son also sees Dr. Nathans and reports that he feels better after an adjustment.

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Ear infection cleared and did not return!

❝My son, Carson, at 16-months-old was suffering with recurring ear infections for a number of months. My poor child was in pain for such a long period. The numerous antibiotics he was on would only clear the infection for a day or two, if at all, before we were back at the pediatrician's office yet again for another round of another antibiotic. But not only was he physically ill, at 16 months, he could not take more than a couple steps independently and his vocabulary consisted of two words. My husband and I had decided on tubes and had a consultation scheduled with the ENT. While we were not thrilled with the prospect of surgery, no matter how simple or routine, we were on the verge. We just wanted Carson better! As a parent, I would try anything! The day before our appointment with the ENT, I met a mother whose son experienced relief through chiropractic work and she recommended Dr. Nathans. I called immediately and scheduled an appointment. Although a skeptic, I was desperate! We met Dr. Nathans after a rough few days and nights dealing with Carson's ear infection. An exam revealed Carson's C2 vertebrae was misaligned. Dr. Nathans adjusted Carson at that time and was able to realign his spine. Dr. Nathans also provided me with information as to how misalignments of the spine could affect other areas of the body. Even after all that, I was still unsure this would make a difference, but as long as Carson's ear infection cleared and did not return, we would stay on this track and hold off on the surgery. We continued seeing Dr. Nathans and followed a strict diet as well as we could for a two-week period. We returned to the ENT and for the first time in months, not only had the infection cleared, but the fluid behind Carson's eardrum that had remained for months was gone! There are not words to describe how very relieved and elated we are that Carson has recovered and we avoided surgery. Not only has Carson's ears healed, we cannot keep him from running everywhere and his vocabulary has increased exponentially!! Dr. Nathans has turned a skeptic into a believer! As unlikely as chiropractic work helping Carson seemed, I attribute Carson's recovery to Dr. Nathans and his guidance. We are eternally grateful!❞
Stephanie and Family

The headaches are gone and I just feel good!

❝I have been driving by Dr. Nathans and thinking I needed to "go there" for several months now. I have received chiropractic care for years. After a recent move I wanted a professional chiropractic office, with a massage therapist, close to my new home. Well I should have gotten an appt. way before now. Sometimes in our busy lives we do not take time for ourselves. I am very hard on my body and waited until I hurt my neck to make the appt with Dr. Nathans. I entered his office with headaches and a very stiff neck. Because of Dr. Nathans caring concern, adjustments and massage therapist, Linsey, I am sooooo much better. The headaches are gone and I just feel good. From the receptionist to the person who, you don't even know what their job is, they are all kind and friendly. They understand that you came there for help and they all intend to do whatever it takes to make you feel better. I am looking forward to years of chiropractic care at Dr Nathans because of his kindness, care and concern. So glad I found them!!!! Go ahead, just call, you will feel so much better! ❞
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After just one treatment I am finding it easier to run!

❝I have been struggling with right knee and leg pain for some time. Dr Nathans recommended that I try a 30 minute neuromuscular massage. I have had massage before but never one as deep or thorough, concentrating solely on the painful right knee and surrounding muscles. I needed to ice the knee later and Lindsey warned me I would feel sore the next day, probably needing the ice pack again. After just one treatment I am finding it easier to bend the knee, walk, run and complete my gym routines.

Thank you Lindsey, excellent job. I most certainly will recommend you to my gym buddies and friends.❞

Denise Manderscheid

My Son Had Major Allergy Issues and I had Lower Back Pain

❝I first started visiting Dr. Nathans with my son a few years ago, who was having major allergy issues. He was 2 at the time of his first visit. The medical doctors we had visited had prescribed him with 4 or more medications that he was taking daily. I felt that this was excessive for a child of his age, especially since they were having very little effect. We discovered Dr. Nathans and the results were astounding! We were told that with the adjustment, one of two things would happen. Either his nose would release and the snot would almost pour or it would dramatically dry up. Within hours of our very FIRST visit, his runny nose (which always was a problem) had dried up. Our continued visits resulted in the same success and eventually were able to limit his medicines on only ONE over the counter medicine. Dr. Nathans was very gentle and no pain was ever caused to my son. I can't express our gratitude for this work alone.❞
Jon Storck

Dr. Nathans Didn't Dismiss Me As A Person!

❝When I found Dr.Nathans, I had already been told by various traditional doctors that nothing was wrong with me. They told me I was just stressed out and offered me no advice, solution, or hope. I was having neck pain and nervous system problems. I was in tears as I described my concerns to Dr. Nathans. He didn't dismiss me like the others doctors and we discussed steps we could take to improve my situation. After just one adjustment I started feeling better. It has been a process, but Dr. Nathans and his staff have been supportive and have gone above and beyond for me. I thank God that I found this practice and I would recommend them to everyone.❞
Michelle Arguello

Bring Your Family Here For Chiropractic Care!

❝I have the privilege and honor of working for Dr. Nathans and the rest of the amazing staff here. Over the past year that I have worked here, I have seen countless lives transformed, many of which had lost hope of ever feeling better. And I, myself, am at the top of that list! I have been so blessed by Dr. Nathans compassionate heart and one of the things I treasure most is the family atmosphere of our office. So come join our family, you won't regret it!!❞
Jackie Schwartz