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Quality Time Living

Quality Time LivingTo optimize your 100 Year Lifestyle, start by dividing your time into three different realms:

Prime Time: This is about production. It is the time you designate to produce results, utilize your skills, and apply talents to generate value in the world. This is all about working in your professional life or for your favorite cause, and it is a very important part of staying sharp, purposeful, and productive.

Prep Time: This is about organization and strategic planning. This is the time that you plan, organize, do research, and lay the groundwork for superb Prime Times and fabulous Play Times.

Play Time: This is the free time you spend reading, getting massages, playing golf, doing yoga, traveling, going on hikes with your family, and taking vacations.

When you run yourself ragged, just trying to keep up with the demands of your current job-and your present-day life-you are essentially treading water. Every day at work, you have the opportunity to learn new skills, sharpen existing skills, and gain new perspective on how to do things better.

Unfortunately many of us aren't taking the time to process the information and get ahead of the game. We are always playing catch up. It's like we're eating a meal and then frantically moving on to the next meal without taking time to digest. We meet demand after demand, just hoping that one day things will magically get a little easier. When we see the signs of distress showing up in our lives, we often crash and say, "I need a vacation," and run that much faster until a crisis forces us to actually take one.

On a bigger scale, many of us do this until the age of 65, or whatever age at which we plan to retire. We go ballistic for 45 years of our working life and then come to a crashing halt in retirement. This "all or nothing' mentality and mindset can really burn us out, especially when our time is out of control. Quality Time Living will give you more control over your time than you have ever had before, and your choices will be driven by quality of life motivation.

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